In the early nineties I was an energy manager for a residential hospital school, successfully reducing its energy and water use and costs through a combination of capital investments, better controls and monitoring and behaviour/culture change. Since then I’ve worked in the field of environmental policy.

With heightened interest in energy prices, security and climate change I’m intrigued to find out how the energy efficiency agenda has moved on in the last twenty years. As a home-owner, married father of two with competing pressures on my time and household finances, i will blog my attempts to control and reduce my energy costs and carbon footprint. As i have recently moved house, my initial focus will be on home energy efficiency and renewable energy. But I will move on to explore how I can reconcile my passion for fast cars, gadgets and food with the demands of the low carbon agenda.

At this initial starting point, the main questions I am seeking to answer are:

Phase 1
1.1) How easy is it to find good advice and information?

1.2) How time consuming is it to complete the research needed to reach any investment decisions?

1.3) How affordable are the options identified and recommended?

1.4) How effective was the use of social media?

Phase 2
2.1) How do I rate the quality and performance of installers and chosen products/plant?

2.2) How much did I spend, how much am I saving?

2.3) What were the biggest challenges undefeated and overcome?

2.4) What are the main lessons for like-minded householders?

Please post any other questions you think I should seek to answer.

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