Turning it down and pulling my finger out

Small progress this week as I managed to find time to replace the “antique” room thermostat with a programmable version, at a cost of £79 and a couple of hours of my time. It’s a relatively simple job (as I’d fitted quite a few in the 90s as an energy manager) but it took a while to work out the wiring circuit for the heating system which appeared to use a rather unconventional wiring colour scheme. Still, I’m left with a heating system that only works if the hot water is programmed to be on as it seems to override the heating controls. So more investigative work needed. I’m hoping the new controls will improve comfort and reduce energy use – but as its now easier for occupants to turn up the heat, this may indeed back-fire. I’ll report back in due course.

Spurred on by the prospect of this update, I also made the effort to replace the remaining GLS bulbs with some compact flurorescents i had in a box in my garage. Ably assisted by my 11 year old who replaced her first bulb. Rather embarrassingly, most of them appeared to be free ones provided by my Energy Supplier in 2008 under a government funded scheme. I estimate we’ve reduced the lighting load of these lamps from 320W (100, 100, 60, 60) to 61W (20W, 15W, 15W, 11W). I’ve 5 x 40W candle bulbs left to replace – but need to go shopping first.

I have not yet sorted out a proper energy monitoring scheme but my remote logger is showing our average daily electricity consumption to be 34.8KWh – so will be interesting to see the impact of these replacement bulbs. I’ve posted current meter readings below.







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